We have no secrets!

At ATEN Papanaretos, we are always willing to share the recipe for our success. What does it include?

We use fresh Greek milk from farms in Northern Greece.

We select the finest ingredients from top producers. Precious Madagascar vanilla, exceptional chocolate, amarena cherries, high-quality fruit of the forest, strictly selected nuts, and fragrant spices. All this, aspiring to produce an exceptional product for ice cream lovers seeking good traditional ice cream.

To produce buzi ice cream, we use the least possible amount of sugar, why… we have nothing to hide. In this way, the excellent quality of the raw material comes forth and the ice cream is free of excess calories. The lessened sugar accentuates the elaborate flavors of juicy fruit, earthy nuts, and fragrant spices. And most of all it allows the taste of fresh milk to overflow giving us the goodness of old-fashioned ice cream.

One of the stages in the process of ice cream making is adding an excessive amount of air to it. We, produce buzi ice cream the traditional way. This means we use the least possible amount of air to succeed in making thick ice cream with a velvety feel and rich flavor. What is more, using this method brings out its taste, lasting flavor, and maximum taste indulgence!

More flavor
Less sugar
No secrets

Delicious gelato from 100% fresh Greek milk
with fragrant scents of nature