Guided by the fresh ingredients and the unique quality of raw materials, we created a unique frozen dessert, whose taste will stay unforgettable from the first moment!


toasted coconut
ginger fresh

An unconventional combination. The rich, creamy taste of caramel is accompanied by the exotic flavor of toasted coconut and the enchanting zest of ginger. A thick textured ice cream melting slowly in the mouth that truly remains unforgettable.


walnut bits

The glorification of nuts! The strong taste of grounded hazelnut and walnut along with the tang of cardamom. Ice cream with a deep earthy taste and lasting flavor.


wild cherry

The freshness of juicy strawberries and the unique sweetness of amarena cherries, two beloved spring fruits, create aesthetically tasty ice cream.



The taste of real chocolate harmoniously delivers both berries’ sharpness and sweetness. Resulting in rich creamy ice cream, having a strong taste of real chocolate.

Alfonso Mango

apricot twist

Fruity, mouthwatering ice cream with exotic goodness. The lush and buttery flesh of top variety Alfonso mango accompanied by pieces of apricot create a small miracle in the art of ice cream.

Madagascar Vanila

golden raisin nutmeg

Rich, creamy ice cream with a strong taste of Madagascar vanilla, warm nutmeg spice, and the natural sweetness of golden raisins. Slowly melting in the mouth, releasing rich aromas.